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Gateway Setup assistance is no longer available

Setting up an Amateur Radio Internet Gateway can be quite a headache for someone new to the hobby or those unfamiliar with the Linux O/S. I started working with my first TCP/IP BBS in 1994 and have accumulated a lot of experience with gateway setup since then.

Unfortunately there is very little documentation available on this subject, and often the would-be gateway sysop is quickly discouraged or overwhelmed trying to make sense of what little outdated information is available.

Sorry, but there is no DOS, JNOS, Windows, or telephone support available here.
Unfortunately I am unable to provide 'on-demand' support.
(Email support only)

Prospective gateway sysops must be willing (and able) to read all supporting documentation.

Sysops must also keep a copy of all unique gateway system files on removeable media.

Gateway configuration is no longer available here.

System Requirements

Basic system requirements are as follows:

PC with current Linux O/S installed (Fedora Distribution recommended but not required) Kernel versions 2.4.x and higher are supported.

The PC with Linux O/S installed should have connectivity to the Internet via a resolvable commercial IP address, and must have the "iproute2" package installed. The iproute2 package is now standard as of Redhat release 7.2!

Sysops MUST acquire TWO AMPRNET IP ADDRESSES from their local IP coordinator BEFORE requesting gateway setup assistance.

If you have a Linux machine online you are essentially "good to go" But....

Things to consider:

In order to register as a full time gateway your ISP must provide a STATIC IP ADDRESS (an address that doesn't change) and that IP address must be reachable 24 hours (your machine should always be online). While it is possible to operate a gateway with a DYNAMIC IP ADDRESS, to do so, you must have a "static host" who is willing to provide 24 hour routing to your gateway. A static host is one with a STATIC IP ADDRESS who is willing to support your operation.

I am unable to provide static hosting or SAFE routing.

Sysops who desire the REMOTE INSTALLATION OPTION must have SSH (Secure Shell) installed and be willing to provide (temporary) root access to their machine via SSH. Sorry, no other connection methods are acceptable!

Making a request

Sorry, gateway setup requests are no longer accepted

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